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A super fun and educational app for kids, teenagers and parents!

Scientific learning method comes to life in diploma game.

ChatLicense is your guide in online life. We help navigate kids and their parents. Together you will discover the online world that comes along with the first smartphone of your child. Are you ready to outsmart your phone?

About the app

For kids and teenagers…

How do you use your phone in a pleasant, creative and safe way? In the Smartphone Experience Game you follow a path full of challenges and dilemmas that teach you to be in charge of your phone and sanity. We help you all year round. So that you always know what you are doing and are able to be online with the right skills!

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About the app

For (grand)parents…

How do you, as a (grand)parent, know what is going on in your child’s online world? With our Parent Platform you always have access to all the information you need in one place. From a step-by-step plan, the latest news, an App Guide with explanations about the most popular apps, to Conversation Starters to stay connected with your child.

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Marielle V


Amazing app My two children love it and I am also very happy with the parent portal. The films for children are also very suitable to watch together, they immediately open up a good conversation. Nice for both my son, group 6, who has just received his first new phone, and for my daughter from group 8



Chatlicense is a musthave for every child and parent. Highly recommended 👍



FI-NAL-LY! Top solution for a better start with your child's first mobile phone As a parent you have no choice, that mobile phone must come. We had an unpleasant feeling about that. This app gives us the context to understand what we are exposing our children to. And gives us tools to enter this new phase together. Thanks ChatLicense!  



This was so much fun! I really liked it. Can I continue?



I like the videos and smileys 😍



Great deal! A very useful, important and accessible app for both parent and child. So good that this is now available! The child is always challenged in a fun and playful way to complete an assignment successfully. As a parent, you have a much better view of your child's online development, you receive useful information about the latest online developments and tips for conversations at the kitchen table.

Elementary teacher


Smart, fun and educational app! It includes exactly what children need to know and learn. The app shows realistic situations that kids in this age category all have to deal with. Very important for every child with a (new) smartphone.

Dirk van Bree


Easy installation. Very handy app to learn your children to guide through the online app world. It's also easy to install with flawless onboarding.

Lens 1212


Must have for every parent. What a gem to develop this app and connect children and their parents. Also super handy for me as a grandmother to use. You get easy insights about their world.

News, updates and fun info!

From our own experience

With that first smartphone you actually throw your kid without a diploma into the digital deep. Founder Marjolein realized this with her daughter. We should be able to do better..