About ChatLicence

Happy Cyber Vibes

ChatLicense is an app for children and their parents. We guide you together in the (new) online world to realize happy cyber vibes for everyone. We do this by sharing knowledge and facilitating training and connection. All done where it matters: the smartphone itself.

New first step

With ChatLicense we add a new first step to the arrival of the smartphone in life. The first app on every kids phone: ChatLicense. Kids will learn in a safe environment how to deal with their first phone. After they gain enough points in the experience game parents grant them access to certain apps.

This new step is based on a scientifically substantiated learning method from our partner MovezLab from Erasmus University Rotterdam. With the app we bring this learning method – that includes modeling, training and education – to life.  Because research shows that connected parents & kids are needed to realize safe and smart online behavior. Therefore both kids ánd parents use the app. So you will be able – with us a guide – to step with confidence in the online world.



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Team work

For the content we work with gamers, comedians, children’s book authors, filmmakers and specialists in psychology and cybersecurity.

And to make sure we get it right, we work closely with university researchers in media-savvy behavior and a community of parents and children who provide input and feedback.

Our team

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