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Dermatologist Petra: Expensive creams are damaging teenage skin


9 February 2024

There is no avoiding it. Children are constantly encouraged to scrub, apply setting sprays and to already make use of anti-aging creams – and preferably from an expensive brand, as these are #better. The hype on social media is massive. Dermatologists are sounding the alarm, warning everyone of the dangers of skincare for children. We asked Petra Dikrama, a dermatologist from Erasmus MC, for advice. 

These are 5 of her tips: 

1.Keep it simple 

The skin of a child does not demand much, certainly not an anti-aging cream. That it doesn’t hurt to try does not apply here, as using too much of the wrong products can do more damage than not. For dry skin, avoid using more than SPF or a hydrating cream. 

2. Keep it affordable 

Spending dozens of euros on skincare for children is unnecessary. You have likely come across the popular and colorful packaging of skincare brands like Drunk Elephant. Yet, these creams contain ingredients that are not made with the teenage skin in mind. 

3. There is no one-size fits all 

Everyone’s skin is different. Consequently, a biological, unrefined, cold-pressed coconut oil can work as a great make-up remover and body oil for one teenager, while it causes break-outs for another. 

4. Stay true to yourself 

Don’t allow yourself to be too easily influenced by social media and other people. 

5. Don’t do it 

The quality of your skin is more dependent on the things you’re not doing, rather than that which you are – such as not smoking, not burning under the sun and not burying your skin under excessive layers of skincare and make-up. 

In conclusion, be satisfied and gentle with your skin. It’s an impressive organ that does a lot for us 😊! 


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