10 May 2023

It’s game time! We are building the app together with experts and our target audience; both parents and their kids. They all have been given us input about what they need to enable curious, confident & clicksmart use of their phone. How we can realize happy cyber vibes among generations. Now it is game time! Time for the first real-life test with kids.

Over 60 kids, aged 8-12 years, test the first version of the app. Thanks to elementary schools & after-school care programs we are able to let kids play the first challenges of ChatLicense. We test our ChatLicense Impact Model, but also all the separate animations, videos, education and games while researchers monitor them and let kids give their feedback afterwards. We are very grateful with their positive feedback and relevant insights and learnings. The kids recommend the app with an 8.6 out of 10 and like to continue to play. We know what to do to optimize and finish the production of Season 1.

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