24 July 2023

ChatLicense is all about co creation. We collaborate with experts and specialists in the field of (child)psychology, media, communication & cybersecurity. But also with comedians, writers, gamers, and experienced and up-and-coming actors.

It is important to us that our animations, videos, explainers and quizzes we engage the heart & minds of kids. Therefore we conduct research among and with our users; kids and their parents.

So, do you (and/or your child) want to be part of the ChatLicense Community? Please sign up here, put ‘Community’ in the subject and follow the instructions that follow by e-mail. We will invite you once in a while to answer online questionnaires and/or meet with us for interviews.

What do you need to stimulate curious, confident and clicksmart behavior? How do we spark happy cyber vibes? That’s what’s we’re all about! 

News, updates and fun info!