12 September 2022

Listen on Spotify to Eva Rookmaker’s podcast series ‘The Digital Rotterdammer’.

“It’s a new fact of life: children grow up in a digital world. Gaming, watching vlogs, TikTok, they do it all. But it is actually quite strange that they do not learn first how to behave online and how to become digitally resilient.

In this episode of De Digitale Rotterdammer, Eva Rookmaker and Daniela Silvestri discuss this with Marjolein van Tilburg. As a mother, she noticed that we actually throw our children in the deep end by giving them a smartphone without a proper explanation. “We must do better,” Marjolein says. Her company is developing an app to prepare children for their digital future. Her background in the legal and privacy profession is a plus. She knows exactly what’s in the fine print that we don’t read.

“The world used to be smaller. There was only one telephone in the house and you knew exactly who was calling your child. Now kids have a social life that takes place digitally – that you as a parent know almost nothing about. Everyone has their own life in their own screen. ChatLicense is going to drastically improve that situation and bring families closer together again.”

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