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ChatLicense member of Social Enterprise NL


15 February 2024

ChatLicense has been a member of Social Enterprise NL since the beginning of this year. This Dutch network for social entrepreneurs is leading the change towards a more social world. It’s a logical  next step for work even more closely with organizations in the Netherlands that aim to make social entrepreneurship the norm, because only together can we work on societal changes.

What is a social enterprise?

In short the leading definition in the Netherlands: “Social entrepreneurs look for innovative solutions for social challenges. The social mission is their top priority (impact first!). Just like regular businesses, social enterprises provide products or services. So it has a revenue model, but sees profit as a means and not as an end.”

Mission ChatLicense

ChatLicense is more than an app; it’s a movement towards healthier online habits, communication and lifelong learning within families. By setting the standard for productive and educational conversations from the moment children start using their first smartphone, we aim to make a lasting impact on the lives of families worldwide. Join us in shaping a better future of family dynamics and societal well-being.

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