How to hack my screen time? It’s one of those things your kids will Google. They will find a lot of easy tips & tricks – most often given by other kids. You can’t blame them for trying to get out of their limitations. It’s a natural thing for a kid to do and a very good way to learn about their boundaries.

6 March 2023

We are all very familiar with that already, so nothing new there. It doesn’t work by just setting a rule, you also need to explain the why of a rule. Even more important, kids will learn by modeling. Your own digital behavior will be copied and seen as the way to go. The more reason you need to talk with them about why screen time is important for their (digital) health.

Read about these 5 tricks on how your kids will avoid their screen time (which you can all restrict again in the settings of their phone) and use this as a conversation starter to discuss the why with your child. It’s worth to really learn them how to deal with it, instead of making it very interesting to beat the system.

1.       Again & again

By simply uninstalling and reinstalling any app the screen time for that app will start again.

2.       Hey Siri

While sending Siri voice memo’s all the actions done are not counting in their screen time. So if they reached for example their limits to use WhatsApp, they can still send messages with Siri via WhatsApp.

3.       Is it screen time already?

Yes anytime a day can be their official screen time of the day. To avoid your set hours they are allowed to use YouTube they can easily change the time zone on their phone and suddenly they are good to go.

4.       Download your help

Many other apps and websites promise they can erase your screen time. Not all of them will do that. This trick can have larger implications.

5.       Ssst.. Recording

This is a tricky one you should be aware of from the start. Once you set the screen time limitations, make sure you’re not recorded. Once they know your password, they can change whatever they like.

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