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Workshop: from #not-here to happy cyber vibes


16 November 2023

This week we are also participating in the Dutch Media Literacy Week. Nizar visits primary schools in the country to give workshops about happy cyber vibes. What is fun and appropriate to do online and what should just don’t do? What is the best way to interact with each other?

This year’s theme is #not-here. Because although you can say whatever you want, always ask questions, comment or criticize, there are imits. Hate speech, swearing, hurtful comments, inappropriate behavior? No, #not-here. Did you know that 90% of hurtful and harmful behavior comes from anonymous accounts or strangers?

Research by Netwerk Mediawijsheid shows that Dutch people take a lot of hurtful behavior online for granted. Threatening is an absolute no-go, but only 22% considers hate speech to be transgressive. Three quarters have never pointed out offensive behavior to anyone. Yet it is important to remember and talk about normal desirable behavior. This includes three things:  consent (e.g. for posting that photo), voluntary participation (no pressure, punishment, manipulation or reward) and an equal relationship (everyone has equal power).

Are you also interested in our Happy Cyber Vibes workshop? At school or somewhere else. Throughout the year. We are here for you! Let us know here!

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