28 May 2024

Last week, at the invitation of Orange, we had a stand at the largest tech event in France: Viva Tech. With our brand new French demo the French public and professionals are able to get to know the app ChatLicense. On y va en France 🤙🧡

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Interview 5 June, 2024

My child follows everything from an influencer. What should I do?

It doesn’t take having a phone for children to be influenced. Consider a toy store or friends that own something that their friends want too. From a young age, kids deal with all sorts of temptations. An online influencer is...

News 30 May, 2024

ChatLicense winner NL Start Up Competition

ChatLicense is the winner of the NL Start Up Competition that was held during the Upstream Festival in Rotterdam. ChatLicense not only won the first prize in the Social category, but also the overall prize of the NL Start Up...

Themes 17 May, 2024

What you should know about Temu 

Temu – maybe you’ve come across it before, or perhaps your kids have heard of it. It is the most popular Chinese webshop-app taking over the world at light speed. Temu sells everything (literally everything) you could possibly think of,...

News 6 May, 2024

Finalist NL Start Up Competition

Out or more than 100 entries, ChatLicense has been chosen as one of the sixteen startups that made it the finals of the NL Startup Competition. The competition offers startups the opportunity to present their innovations and contribute to positive...

News 23 April, 2024

Two thirds of Dutch parents prefer child’s first phone at later stage 

At least two thirds of Dutch parents prefer to let their child receive a mobile phone at a later age than the current average of 9-11. Nearly half of children surveyed agree that it is better for them to receive...